With the prospect of gyms and boxes closing and re-opening over next period of time, it’s a very good idea to start thinking about setting up a space at home for regular workouts. And you don’t need much space – this guy ran a marathon on his 7 meter balcony!

While you can do some amazing workouts using no equipment, just few small items that can be put away easily are going to give you heaps more variety and options. You can get some of these things for less than NZ$10. Now, let’s all make a pledge that if we were to dispose of these things anytime in the future, we are going to do this responsibly.

#1 SUSPENSION TRAINER aka TRX – If you are going to get one thing and one thing only, I can’t recommend this piece of equipment highly enough. You can target all muscle groups on this (it can get a bit challenging to target your back muscles effectively without any equipment to a pull up bar). Most of them can hang off a sturdy door with no installation required – you just put it over the door and close it. And make sure everyone in your living environment knows NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR, while you are hanging off it on the other side!! :oP Generic name for these is suspension trainer. TRX is a brand and fairly expensive one. I am waiting for one pair to arrive from K Mart for $20. If you can’t get one, I might have few to lend.

#2 BANDS, TUBES, ELASTICS – These give so much variety, especially if you have orthopaedic symptoms, but not only – they can be very gentle, but you can also use them for some ‘burn’! I’d get at least one, about 1.5 meters long, not the looped ones, even though they are ok too. If you can, get about three of different thickness, so that you have variety of resistance options. I’ve seen them for about $6. I am looking at getting long rolls of them and cutting them up and then selling them at cost. They are known as elastic bands or physio bands.

#3 ODD OBJECT – This is something you can use for a wide variety of movements. This can be a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, medicine ball or similar. Power bags are good too and you can make them yourself. You’ll need: a back pack or sports bag, about 3-5 sturdy plastic bags, duck tape and some sand. Fill up the plastic bags with some sand and duck tape them individually. Do this well. You might be doing your workouts in your living room – make sure your sand stays inside the bag! Having 3-5 smaller packs also means you can add them to your back pack as the workout requires and as you are getting stronger and fitter. It is also a great piece of equipment to have if we decide to meet up for a ‘real’ Bootcamp style workout somewhere in the neighbourhood, as it would mean we are not sharing equipment.

#4 MAT – Anything is good here. Just to make things more comfortable.

#5 200m/400m/800m/1km MARKER – Once you have decided what the best spot for your workouts is, measure 100, 200, 400 and 500 meter distance from that spot. We are doing 1/2 of the distance as you need to run back home from there. Mark it. I am saying no more, as I don’t want to get into trouble for suggesting any graffiti (oops, I just said it!) It’s still better than putting a stake or a rock down and someone tripping up etc, etc. Use common sense here. You could equally just remember a house number or a fence post or something.

#6 FOAM ROLLER and TENNIS BALL – to do some self maintenance, while you don’t have access to your favourite massage therapist.

For ideas on how to use these and daily virtual workouts see Team Training 2.0.

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Be kind. Stay Strong.


Alex & Billie