It seems that, in the foreseeable future, gyms and other non-essential facilities will be closing down for a period of time, and then opening again, as we move between different Alert Levels, depending on number of New Zealanders with COVID-19. It is going to be challenging to keep some of our routines going, unless we create some alternatives. That’s why we have created Team Training 2.0: all your favourite classes, online.

We’ll be running 20-30 minute Virtual Team Training Classes on ZOOM, at various times during the day (See DRAFT TIMETABLE) depending on the demand and as people get used to WFH (work from home). The cost of these classes is going to be “GIVE-AS-YOU-CAN”. What does that mean? We understand people’s financial situations are changing overnight. So, “GIVE-AS-YOU-CAN” means – if you can, please support us. If you can’t contribute financially at the moment, no problem. Just by participating, in the limitless virtual space, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of others. Your gym buddy seeing your face. Having a laugh together. A good sweaty session so you can face the day with a more positive mindset.

Be kind. Stay Strong.


Alex & Billie