You may need to consider different spaces for different types of exercise. If you haven’t participated in our classes at the gym you can find out more about them here.


  1. SUITABLE SPACE -This should ideally be somewhere like a garage, carport or near front door. There is going to be a fair amount of running in the workouts (Hope you got your markers sorted? If not, check #5 in this post). You should have enough space to do a burpee, jump up as high as you can and not touch anything above you.
  2. ODD OBJECT – This is something you can use for a wide variety of movements. This can be a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, medicine ball or similar. Power bags, aka sand bags, are good too and you can make them yourself. You’ll need: a back pack or sports duffle bag, about 3-5 sturdy plastic bags, duck tape and some sand. Fill up the plastic bags with some sand and duck tape them individually. Do this well. You might be doing your workouts in your living room – make sure your sand stays inside the bag! Having 3-5 smaller packs also means you can add them to your back pack as the workout requires and as you are getting stronger and fitter. Alternatively, you can use few books, tins or anything heavy-ish, wrap the in a towel and put them inside your bag. If you don’t have a suitable bag, I have a bunch of backpacks.
  3. SugarWOD APP – You will be able to see the WOD (Workout of the Day), log your score, fist bump your buddies. And if it happens that you miss our Zoom class, you’ll be able to do it in your own time. I’ve used the programming (CompTrain) when I was doing CrossFit and it’s awesome. If you are unfamiliar with certain terms and movements, don’t worry – we’ll go through them at the beginning of each class.

  1. Download SugarWOD App and Create an account (Google Play Store)(Apple App Store)
  2. Search Click “join my box” and search CompTrain (It will say CompTrain is a “paid Subscription” but don’t worry the home gym track is not and will be totally free.)
  3. Select CompTrain Home Gym from the options.
  4. Complete registration process (again it will ask you for credit card info but you will NEVER be charged).
  5. Go back into the SugarWod app and from the left menu screen select “refresh gyms”. You should now have access to the Home Gym track!
  6. Add me as a friend
  1. In the top left corner of your screen click the Menu button
  2. Scroll down until you see “Browse Available Gym” – click that
  3. Select the “CompTrain Home Gym Option – $0” to sign up.
  4. That will take you to another screen where you will Sign Up. It will ask for you CC info but it will NOT charge you, it’s completely free
  5. Return to the SugarWOD App
  6. Go back to the  Menu button, you should see CompTrain there as a gym. If you don’t make sure to click “Refresh My Gyms”
  7. Once you see CompTrain as one of your gyms – click on it.
  8. The “Home Gym” workouts are listed in a drop-down menu directly under the picture
  9. Add me as a friend
  1. SUITABLE SPACE – This should be somewhere you can hang your suspension trainer. Beams, tree branches, poles (some of them can wrap on a vertical object and hold your weight) or sturdy doors are good options. You need to have about 2-3 meters behind the anchor point.
  2. SUSPENSION TRAINER – If you don’t have one, check this post for some shops that might stock them. I am in the process of negotiating with the gym about borrowing theirs, while it’s closed, so I might have 6 spare ones. Maybe.
  1. SUITABLE SPACE – If you can roll out a yoga mat and have nothing dangerous to fall on, you are good to go.
  2. BAND(S) – If you don’t have one, check this post for some shops that might stock them. I have few spares.
  1. SUITABLE SPACE – If you can roll out a yoga mat, you are good to go.
  2. FAOM ROLLER AND BALL- If you don’t have one, check this post for some shops that might stock them. I have few spares.
  1. SUITABLE SPACE – About 2×2 meters.
  2. BOXING GLOVES AND PADS/BAG – I have quite a few.
  3. A COOPERATIVE PAD HOLDER – Someone in your household who is willing to hold pads for you, without it ending up in a fight. I am talking from 15 years of experience: partners, spouses, siblings – not good; children and parents – can work. :oP

Post any questions you may have in the MakeMeFit CYBER GYM