Online bookings for The Great Fitness Challenge Round #3 Sunday 15th September are now open.

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What is it?

The Great Fitness Challenge is an opportunity to have your body composition and fitness status assessed by qualified professionals. The fitness test includes rowing, chin ups, push ups, squats, a run, a plank and a flexibility test. The body composition assessment will give you information about your body fat percentage, metabolic age, physique rating, hydration level and more.

When is it?

It is held quarterly, giving you an opportunity to monitor your progress and add specific goals to your training routine.

Round #1 Sunday 17thMarch 8am – noon

Round #2 Sunday 16thJune 8am – noon

Round #3 Sunday 15thSeptember 8am – noon

Round #4 Sunday 15thDecember 8am – noon

If you are unable to participate at the above times, we may be able to organise a suitable time for you. You can book a time online here or contact Billie on 0210 471 571 or

Where is is held?

At Club Physical Birkenhead, 35 Mokoia Road.

How long does it take?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Can I do it if I have an injury, medical condition or if I don’t feel I am very fit?

If unsure, please talk to us first. We may advise you to skip certain exercises. Generally, anyone currently exercising should be able to complete most of The Challenge, as all of the exercises can be done at the appropriate difficulty level.

Why should I do it?

Not only do you get a body composition and fitness assessment, you will also receive a goodie bag containing training vouchers valued more than your entry fee.

How much does it cost?

$25 per Round.

How do I enter?

Book your spot online here or contact Billie on 0210 471 571 or

Read more about The Challenge here.