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The Great Fitness Challenge ’13  poster

You can now assess and measure your body composition and fitness status, all in approximately 30 minutes, four times per year, for only $25 per round. By completing ‘The Challenge’ at intervals of three months, allowing enough time to train and improve your results at each round, you can monitor your progress and add specific goals to your training routine.

To make it more fun for everyone, we are making it a team event as well. With four people per team and only three best scores in each event counting towards the total score, everyone in the team can contribute. If you are great at rowing and running, but not so good at push ups and chin ups, you will still be contributing to the team with your scores in your strong events. If you are more of an individual player, that’s perfectly fine too. You can do the whole thing solo.

What’s in The Great Fitness Challenge ’13?

  • BODY COMPOSITION: 5 minute assessment of your body weight, body fat percentage, metabolic age and more
  • ROW: row for 5 minutes as far as you can
  • CHIN UP: as many chin ups as you can in 1 minute (3 different levels, from chin up hold to chin up-strength only)
  • SQUAT: as many as you can in 1 minute (3 different levels, from conventional body weight squat to squat to box jump)
  • PUSH UP: as many as you can in 1 minute (3 different levels, from knees on the floor to push up claps)
  • PLANK: as long as you can (maximum 1 minute
  • FLEXIBILITY: hamstring reach
  • RUN: run (or walk) as far as you can in 5 minutes
  • Hand in your assessment sheet and pick up your GOODIE BAG! (over $30 value, including training vouchers, to get you even fitter for Round #2)

When is The Great Fitness Challenge ’13?

There are four rounds in The Great Fitness Challenge:

Round #1 Sunday 17th March  8am – noon   Book your spot online now!

Round #2 Sunday 16th June    8am – noon

Round #3 Sunday 15th September  8am – noon

Round #4 Sunday 15th December   8am – noon

Where is The Great Fitness Challenge ’13 held?

All four rounds are going to be held at Club Physical Birkenhead, 35 Mokoia Road.  We will meet you in front of the Personal Trainers Room 1 at you chosen time.

How do I sign up to participate in The Great Fitness Challenge?

The simplest would be to do it online. If you are not registered with MakeMeFit, you will need to create a username and password, and then choose your preferred starting time, click “Create booking” and your spot will be booked. Alternatively, contact us and we will book a spot for you.

Please note that starting times are every 15 minutes, commencing at 8:00am, with two people starting at the same time slot. This means you can complete The Challenge with your fitness buddy.

$25 payment can be made via internet banking to 06 0115 0239927 00 (please put “Round#1 under reference). Alternatively, cash or cheque to Matiu Brown or Biljana Lukich.

Any further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Billie Lukich     021 047 1571

Matiu Brown    021 172 5592

Or have a chat to us when you see us around the gym!